Reach In & Stay There!

To view a demonstration of Quartier Marketing's cross-media marketing capabilities, click here. To learn more about cross-media marketing, click here.

You get the best benefit from printed materials when you present a cohesive, consistent, and well-crafted message. Quartier is more than a printer - we can help you develop strategic and cost-effective reach-in messages that are trackable, measurable, and striking.

Our team includes design and brand development specialists with decades of experience - a veritable satellite marketing department for your company!

Quartier’s marketing solutions include:

One to One Marketing

Truly personalize your campaigns, provide products and services to one customer at a time, and forge long-term, meaningful customer relationships with Quartier's technology-based marketing services. We'll help you make your offerings really stand out by identifying individual customers, understanding their needs, and making each a unique offer.

One-to-one marketing is more than a sales method—it's an integrated approach. Using our methods, you can filter out bargain hunters and reward loyal customers who make repeat purchases. This method is highly effective when customer acquisition costs are very high.

Do you think that one-to-one marketing is too expensive for your organization? Our software solutions and marketing advisors will show you how to offer personalized, customized products and services to your target market at mass-production prices!

Strategic Communications

Identify your market, set goals, plan strategies, develop tactics, and then execute and measure it all. Soup to nuts marketing, in other words!

Variable Data Solutions

Value-add your printed materials with customized and personalized marketing tactics, including personal URLs (PURLs).

Campaign Management Software

Quartier has invested in software tools that support, track, and measure e-mail and DM campaigns, interactive marketing (QR codes, tag readers), SMS communication, and more.

Data & List Management

Purchase, review, and scrub your mailing list. Choose predictive modeling services to right-size and pre-qualify your list and other data. Database management services are available to dynamically maintain integrity of your prospects and customers.

It's Direct Mail on Steroids!

To view a demonstration of Quartier Marketing's cross-media marketing capabilities, click here

Ever wished you could combine the directness, personalization, and familiarity of a direct mail campaign with a viral, interactive, and flexible online campaign? With cross-media marketing—also known as "multi-channel" or "integrated" marketing—you can!

Cross-media marketing combines data, message, media, and technology to link traditional offline media (direct mail as well as print ads) with the interactive capabilities of the Web, mobile, and social networks.

By personalizing messages, customizing offers, tracking behavior, quickly following up, and allowing for clear campaign analysis, cross-media marketing can improve the return on your marketing investment and help you grow your business.

With Quartier Marketing's robust cross-media marketing software, you can:

  • Customize and personalize direct mail (and print ads) to target the right customers with the right offers.
  • Use Quick Response (QR) Codes to quickly connect mobile customers to your online message.
  • Create Personal URLs (personalized web pages) that point to micro-site landing pages with more detailed information about your offer.
  • Place an Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB code) on envelopes to track deliveries and receive delivery alerts.
  • Track response rates and gather critical demographic and behavioral information on an easy-to-follow campaign dashboard.
  • Quickly follow-up with interested customers using e-mail or a Short Message Service (SMS, or text message).
  • Improve your marketing and develop your next campaign by analyzing summary data.
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