Oct 292013
Online Ordering – Quartier’s Web2Print Makes it Easy!

How does the online ordering system work? The online ordering system makes it easy for you to manage printed items like brochures, catalogs, promotional materials and more. The basic process is that we create a storefront for your print-on-demand needs. Staff at franchises, multiple locations or dispersed sales offices can order print materials online. One […]

Oct 032013
6 Steps to a Successful Print Campaign

In today’s media environment, how do you reach through the noise and win over your target market? It is estimated that the average person sees over 3,000 advertisements a day. With all of this noise, what can you do to stand out? A printed piece can provide a tangible touch point that helps customers connect […]

Sep 242013
Creating Memorable Messages with Print

  Despite the rise of tablets, internet marketing and mobile devices, we find that many of our clients are using print to cut through the digital noise and reach their target audiences. If you are trying to increase efficiency and flexibility while driving greater value from your communications – then it is time to take […]

Sep 122013
Using High-tech Options in Print

  Integrating print and online communications is becoming increasingly important – by combining high-tech options with your printed pieces you can maximize your impact! Start with a plan for your campaign – will you be using Social Media along with print and other more traditional advertising means? Are you directing clients to a special jump […]

Aug 282013
What Role Does Your Printer Play in the Consistency of Your Brand?

Brand image is vitally important to your company – so how do you ensure that your printed materials are consistent and effective? Choose a printer who not only has the printing experience and a full range of capabilities, but understands marketing communications. The consistency of your printed materials such as business cards, direct mailers, posters, […]

Aug 122013
Why High Definition Printing?

High Definition or HD items have taken over the consumer world – from TVs and sunglasses to makeup products, you are probably familiar with the HD concept… but how does HD apply to printing?   Do you remember what it was like when you moved from your old analog TV to a sleek HD one? […]

Aug 122013
Being Green - What is a "Green Power Partner?

Being authentic and environmentally friendly can be a challenge in today’s environment. Finding a balance between the bottom line and doing the right thing for the environment is a necessity for many businesses. We know that being sustainable is not a luxury – it is being demanded by both consumers and stakeholders. Consumers are seeking […]

Dec 172012
Churn Burn, or How to Stop Customer Attrition with 1:1 Marketing!

Personalized, data-driven communications are about boosting sales, right? Right. Direct marketing is a highly effective use for 1:1 marketing. But there are many other uses for 1:1 marketing—are you taking advantage of them? For instance, the more intimate nature of personalized communications helps to reduce customer attrition. By using data-driven communications in this aspect of […]

Dec 052012
Communicate Your Needs & Get an Even Greater Return!

You can achieve great results with a smaller investment when your print or multi-channel marketing campaign is smart and well-crafted. To provide the best and most economical service, Quartier needs to know basic project parameters, such as budget and deadlines, but if you also communicate your creative and interpretive needs up front, we can discuss […]